Chrome ore – we live and breath it!

COFERMIN Chrome offers chrome ore and chromite sand in a wide range of qualities and from a variety of sources. Our partners benefit from approved quality as well as long-standing experience in the sourcing, value-adding and marketing of such high quality raw materials.

Our advantage:
technical know-how

If our clients require it, they can fall back on comprehensive technical support through our expert engineering team. Through many years of hands-on, practical experience gained mainly in the fields of foundries, glass, filler sands and refractory applications, our engineers are able to offer quick and competent assistance towards finding solutions in practice. Please feel free to contact our experts in this regard.

Tap into the right networks

At COFERMIN Chrome, we work closely with our partners to develop and realise sustainable concepts in order to meet the ever changing market conditions. As our client and valued partner you profit from the competence of the entire COFERMIN-network of experienced and reliable raw materials experts from all over the World.