Minerals – That‘s what we’re good at

Our MINERALS GmbH & Co. KG’s product range is 1st class. The large choice of primarily assorted Chinese industrial minerals – among them magnesia, alumina-minerals and graphite - rounds off the portfolio of the COFERMIN Group well. Accompanied by great service, these high quality raw materials are offered to the steel-, refractory- and foundry-industries.

Chinese raw materials
– you don’t want to do without them

From the blast furnace, over the steel plant, to glass tanks, cement kilns and waste incinerators: everywhere where extremely high temperatures are of the essence, refractory products come into play. High performance refractory linings are made of a variety of specialty minerals. The quality of these minerals has a direct effect on the performance and wear-and-tear of these fire-proof aggregates, and consequently on the entire plant’s economic viability. One of the most important suppliers of such specialty raw materials – such as bauxite, magnesite, fused alumina, graphite and chamotte – is China. MINERALS specializes in the sourcing and distribution of these strategically important raw materials for the European refractory industry.

Tap into the right networks

At MINERALS, we work closely with our partners to develop and realise sustainable concepts in order to meet the ever changing market conditions. As our client and valued partner you profit from the competence of the entire COFERMIN-network of experienced and reliable raw materials experts from all over the World.